Pigmentation/Melasma is a condition of the skin that occurs mainly in women (and some men) causing discolouration of the skin. It can be  caused through hormones, medications, sun and even certain skin treatments can cause what is called, Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIH). Melasma is typically seen in women and is symmetrical in appearance and presents around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and even along the top lip to give the appearance of hair.

Treatment of pigmentation is extremely complicated, ongoing and can be very hard to manage. Pigmentation will ALWAYS return, so management of this condition is paramount. Sun protection needs to be used daily, treatments are ongoing, and the use of topical medications and serums are required to manage pigmentation.

Some light pigmentation spots can be treated with modalities such as lasers and deeper peels, with very good outcome, but need to be performed by a very skilled practitioner to prevent the pigmentation from rebounding.  Use of The Skin Factory Pigment Bomb, A bomb and sunscreen will help to reduce the risk of pigmentation returning.  Our Post Treatment kit is wonderful for use post any advanced skin treatment, as it has been developed to have no active ingredients, but will encourage management of the skin barrier function and gentle cleansing and support of the skin.

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