The scripted skincare we offer at The Skin Factory can only be prescribed by either our Nurse Practitioners or Doctors. To follow government regulations, we must first have a consultation to discuss your skin concerns; whether that is acne, rosacea, diffuse redness and/or pigmentation.

Once your consultation has been completed, we will script you through our specialised pharmacy who will then prepare and send out your product. If it is a straight medication, we can organise a script for you, however, if you want to follow our treatment regime, which will incorporate, skin and gut health care and scripted home peels, we can advise you on your treatment plan and guide you to which products will suit your skin best.

Our consulting health professional can go through all of this with you and instructions will be at hand to email to you on how to perform the treatments and if you  have any concerns to contact us.

It is vital you fill in your consultation form honestly and to the best of your knowledge to allow us to treat you in the best possible manner.

Here’s to good skin health for all Australians!!

Bek & Selena


Acne is a skin condition that is characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, blocked pores and in serious cases cysts.


Anti-Ageing in Australia, faced with our harsh sun and conditions, ageing of the skin is a huge concern for all Australians.


Pigmentation is a condition of the skin that occurs mainly in women (and some men) leaving unsightly discoloration of the skin.


Rosacea is a complicated and often ongoing skin concern that affects many Australians. It is characterised by chronic red rash

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